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Tough Day for Wilts 3rds
Date : Monday November 13th 2023
Association : Wiltshire County

A tough day at the office for their debut in division 3. And a long way to travel.  

Lost to Wilts 2ís and Middlesex 10-1. Some tough games and score doesnít do it justice. It seemed Weird to play against the other Wilts team first match, but all supported each other through the afternoon which showed great team spirit.  

For such a fledgling team in this higher division we did really well. The women who played singles for us were brilliant and did themselves proud. And we found some good pairings in doubles.  


Team: Sophie Silcock, Megan Robertson, Fran Slay, Harriet Cutts, Nichole Titchener, Robert Hawkins, Christian Tan,Thomas Marshall, Jason Raymond, Alex Mole

2 Wins for Wilts 2nds
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