Mid Wilts Under 12 and 14 Tournament results
 Date Monday March 4th 2019
 Assocation Mid Wilts
On Saturday 2nd March Mid Wilts held their under 12 and under 14 tournaments at Sheldon Sports Centre in Chippenham.
There were 7 entries in the boys under 14 singles and this was run on a round robin basis playing the best of 3 sets to 15.
Joel Kirby (Phoenix) was the winner, Max Done (SHBC) was the runner up and Peter Salako was third.
All 3 finished with 5 wins but Joel won the most sets to come first and Max beat Peter in 2 sets.
In the under 12 boys singles there were 7 entries playing the best of 3 sets to 11 on a round robin basis.
Robert Patience (SHBC) was the winner winning all 6 matches, Daniel Ray (FROME)was runner up with 5 wins and Lewis Bryant (SHBC) was third.
The girls singles was a combined under 12 and 14 group of 6 playing the best of 3 sets to 11. the Under 14 winner was Catie Eagles (NWBP) with Poppy Milner as runner up. The under 12 winner was Olivia Lewis (SHBC) with Amelia Baker (NWBP)as runner up and Dannon Roche (SHBC) third.
In the under 14 level doubles there were 5 pairs each playing 2 sets to 11 and the boys winners were Joel Kirby and William Portlock (Phoenix) with Max Done and Peter Salako (SHBC) as runners up. The girls was won by Catie Eagles and Poppy Milner.
In the under 12's there were 5 pairs in the level doubles playing 2 sets to 11.
The boys winners were Lewis Bryant and Robert Patience (SHBC) with George Davies and Daniel Ray (FROME) as runners up. The girls event was won by Dannon Roche and Olivia Lewis with Katie Robinson and Amelia Baker as runners up.

Medals were presented by Graham Long on behalf of Mid Wilts Badminton.