Wilts 2nd avoid relegation to stay in Division 3
 Date Monday April 4th 2022
 Assocation Wiltshire County
The final weekend in Loughborough saw ourselves and Oxfordshire 3 in a bun fight to stay in the Division. We need to beat Hereford well and do some damage against Gloucester 2 and Worcester 2. Every point counted.

Our mens singles on Saturday were outstanding and won all their matches.

Our first match against Worcester started brightly as Matt Jenkins, Jack Agnew and Marcus Raymond dispatched their opponents in straight sets. Katie Ovenden playing ladies 2 took her match to three sets. With such a impressive start and Marcus and Matt claiming another scalp in the mens doubles, we dared to hope that the Gods might be smiling. It went down to the mixed doubles and both Lewis Margetts/Becky Heaton and Marcus Raymond/Rosie Postlewhite’s matches went to 3 sets, both against us. Never mind, we were not too disappointed with 7-4.

Our next opponents, Hereford where already relegated and where struggling in the division. Their mens singles we’re no match for ours and were comprehensively beaten. The ladies, which were the strongest elements of the squad faired better. Both went to 3 sets with Penny Bunyan - who had the hardest job of the weekend at ladies singles one - just lost out and Katie winning hers. With the doubles won 3-1 and the mixed both for us, resulting in a 9-2 victory. We felt we’d had a good day accumulating a win and lots of lovely points.

Sunday had us in the University Badminton Centre, purposed built for the sport, facilities we can only dream of. Our final opponents were a handy Gloucestershire side. The match contained six three set matches, winning two. Marcus claimed his third singles and doubles win with Matt and Katie another singles win. The 8-3 defeat didn’t really do us justice to be honest, but at the end of the day their efforts were enough to keep us in Div 3 for next season.

The Team included: Matt Jenkins, Jack Agnew, Marcus Raymond, Lewis Margetts, Becky Heaton, Rosie Postlewhite, Penny Bunyan, Katie Ovenden